Core Values

God’s Word + Grace + Gathering + Growing + Going

Living Out Our Values Together

God’s Word

We will allow God’s Word to define our faith and practice in all ways. Our ministries rest on the authority of God’s Word, and we are committed to standing firm on both the truths and the commands expressed in Scripture. We will do this regardless of how culturally “out of touch” they are. We also affirm that the Word of God is needed in a culture that is starving for real truth.


We will embody love and grace to all those to whom we minister. This includes the people inside our church, as well as those outside of our church. We will love that which God loves. People matter to us because they matter greatly to God. We will not minister to people to gain anything from them, but rather we will give much to people. We will value people no matter how broken, hurting, or needy they are.


We value distinctively Christian gatherings. This is not exclusively demonstrated in a worship service, but gathering together as a church in corporate worship will be a commitment. We want to worship the Lord in excellence and demonstrate value in other people’s expressions of worship. At the same time, we will demonstrate a desire to gather with our brothers and sisters through small groups, shared meals, and prayer.


We affirm that growth happens both organically and intentionally in the Christian life. Much of our growth happens when we become relationally vulnerable to others. This demands a trusting and safe environment of small groups. We also affirm that much growth is often “caught” and “not taught.” If we neglect meeting together and being in community, we put our spiritual progress in jeopardy.


We are committed to being a people who will be both goers and senders. We will engage our local community with the gospel. We will also retain a high commitment to global missions. We are Great Commission people and wish to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

Loving Our Ever-Changing World with Never-Changing Truth and Grace

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