“Hear my cry, O God, listen to my prayer” (Psalm 61:1)

All great movements of God have begun and been fueled by prayer. Metropolitan is committed to seeking God’s face for both the direction of our ministry and the meeting of our needs.


Please review the shared prayer requests below and consider adding them to your prayers as often as you pray. You may let the requestor know you prayed by selecting “I PRAYED FOR THIS.”

Have a prayer need? Add it below by selecting “SUBMIT YOUR PRAYER REQUEST.” Your request will appear on the prayer wall shortly following approval.

Recent Prayer Requests


Received: January 1, 1970

Faith Promise Missionaries


Received: January 1, 1970

Pray for those who are recuperating at home or in rehab

Sonya Langley  

Remember those currently undergoing chemo­therapy, radiation treatment, or dealing with other issues related to cancer

Darla Wilson
Darise Hails
Bree Jameson
Kimberly Lawson
Karla Rains
Bonnie Skelton
Jody Sparks
Stephanie Smith

Pray for continuing health/remission for these cancer survivors

David Prentice
Dale Stoll
John Strauss
Vickie Williams
Barry James
Patricia Johnson
Roger Knop
Ron McAfee
Gidget Mosley
Grace Nelson
Cindy Katterson

Pray for these with various health concerns

Eda K. Aspegren
Jack Atkinson
Gail Austin
Annette Basey
Toni Beeson
Matthew Blissard
Mike/Kay Bradford
Clyde Buchanan
Philip Cole
Miland/Phyllis Cunningham
Darlene Dunn
Paul Dyer
Randy Faulkner
Peggy Foxhall
Vicki Massie
Robert Frey
Kathy Gendron
Matt Gwinn
Gwen Hyde
Loren Janzen
David Kirk
Michelle Knop
Buddy Koellner
Sung-Ho Lee
Suzie Loy
Gene Martin
Ron McAfee
Bernie Mason
Loretta Miller
Ron Miller
Melissa Milligan
Jonathan Mooney
Judy Morales
Merlyn Pearson
Teresa Perkins
Truitt Prentice
Israel Rains
Sara Shearer
Debbie Short
Kay Simpson
Kay Smith
Marj Smith
Sandy Stranglen
Susan Sturniolo
Jane Tanner
Jim Taylor
Kaydee Thompson
Karlann Wilks
Fred Willett
Jeanie Womack
David/Melene Wright
Tom/Dru Wyckoff
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