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Join the women of Metropolitan as they read the Bible in one year!

The Bible Recap is designed to help you have a deeper understanding and love of the Bible!

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Listen to our Prep Episodes to set you up for success. They’ll answer most/all of your questions — even the ones you didn’t know you had!

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Family Night @ Main Event – July 31

Family Night @ Main Event – July 31

Prepare for an evening of non-stop thrills as Metropolitan takes over Main Event on July 31! Get ready to unleash your inner gamer at this ultimate family fun event center, where every moment is packed with excitement. And the best part? It's all yours for an...

Nacho Average Game Night

Nacho Average Game Night

Get ready for the most festive event of the season: "Nacho Average Game Night 3!" Bring your friends and loved ones and dive into an evening filled with mouthwatering nachos and a plethora of thrilling games. Be dazzled by over 20 meticulously curated games. And...

Funeral Meal Ministry

Funeral Meal Ministry

The Funeral Meal Ministry at Metropolitan is a compassionate initiative that aims to provide comfort and sustenance to grieving families during their time of loss. This ministry is made possible through the dedicated efforts of volunteers who serve in various...


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